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How Do You Clean Hardwood Floors

So you’ve decided to install hardwood floors in your home to make it look elegant, great! But do you know how to clean it properly? Unlike carpets, hardwood floors demand extra care because it costs more. This explains why it is important that you learn how to clean it the right way to protect your investment. Unlike carpets where grime, dust and dirt can hide; in hardwood they simply cannot which makes people believe that maintaining hardwood floors is a taxing and high maintenance work. But the truth is, it’s really not especially if you have already established a routine of your own. Here’s what you should do to clean and maintain your hardwood floors.

For your daily schedule – you should dust and/or sweep your hardwood floors.

It should be a daily routine to dust and sweep your hardwood floors using either a cloth or a microfiber mop. This is your best defense against surface damage and scratches. The reason why we recommend microfiber is the fact that the pads make use of static electricity to entrap dust and dirt particles and other allergens. If you don’t have a mop then you can just opt for a broom to clean your floors. However, do know that if you use a broom alone it can only push dust around and not really trap it in. To avoid damaging your floors while cleaning make sure that you don’t lift your mop when you clean, allow it to come in contact with the floor for the whole duration of your cleaning to ensure that all dust and dirt are trapped inside.

For your weekly schedule – you should vacuum and/or mop your hardwood floors.

Aside from your daily routine, another task to add to clean and maintain your hardwood floors is to vacuum or mop it weekly. This is done so you can clean hard to reach areas that dusting cannot clean. Ideally, you should vacuum the floors followed by cleaning it with a wet mop. This is done to remover dirt in certain areas of the house such as corners and spaces in between hardwood. But you have to be extra cautious when using mops and vacuum to avoid damaging your hardwood floors. Remember that your vacuums have wheels and carrying them around the house might damage your beautiful and shiny floors. Also remember, when mopping, water and hardwood are a bad combination because it will ruin your floor. All you need to do is to lightly mist your floor with a floor cleaner and nothing more. When it comes to your vacuum, if you can carry it around, the better.

Another important reminder is to consider Floor floor sanding Brisbane. If you haven’t employed any of these tips before and now you are frustrated with damaged hardwood, there is a way. There are companies that offer floor sanding, oiling and polishing to make your hardwood floors look brand new. But of course, after all these you still need to go back to the recommended routine for maintenance purposes.… Read the rest

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